Olipay is a modern, API-first embedded lending solution for your users. Using the Olipay API, you can easily:

  1. Onboard users interested in a loan (KYC, share data for credit risk analysis)
  2. Issue instant loans to your users and choose how you want us to fund loans we approve (i.e. internal wallet or external bank account)
  3. Embed a co-branded Olipay loan servicing module for collection of installment payments from users

Olipay offers a best-in-class experience for your users. Users can access loans in real time, without waiting for days and with much higher approval rates. After a user completes our onboarding and we approve them, your platform will simply call the Payments API to instantly load cash into your user's wallet or bank account.

The user's Olipay loan servicing is co-branded and embedded directly in your mobile app or website (via open source React Native or Flutter components). Within the embedded Olipay experience, your users can:

  1. Instantly see their loan balance, outstanding installments, and loan history
  2. Access new loan offers from us
  3. Access financial wellness tools, such as interest-bearing savings accounts

All of this can be done without leaving your app, at zero cost to you or your users - driving up user engagement, satisfaction, and retention. For more information about Olipay, or to request a free demo, visit our homepage.

Getting Started
Olipay offers a delightful developer experience. The Olipay API uses resource-oriented URLs, supports HTTPS authentication and HTTPS verbs, and leverages JSON in all responses passed back to customers.

The following sections will walk you through the steps necessary to get started paying workers with the Olipay API:

Create your platform account
If you would like access to the Olipay closed beta, please contact our team to request a sandbox account. Our team will review your request and provision a set of sandbox API credentials. Sandbox environment requests are 100% free. Our sandbox does not use real PII or trigger real money movements. Once you are production-ready, please contact us and we will guide you through the onboarding process and enable live requests.